Experience Extraordinary
Jerry’s newest keynote – an uplifting and challenging call to choose to transform our work and our world through three, precise points of action that empower us to Experience Extraordinary results. Jerry’s concert-style presentation provides practical skills and questions we can use daily to be and become Extraordinary. (literally… that’s the name of the final song… “Extraordinary You”. Here’s a bit… “Going from ordinary to Extraordinary is really a ton of fun. You feel so free to finally be who you’ve wanted to become…”) Jerry’s unique way of weaving relevant, timely research, his music and lyrics, multimedia and the stories behind his songs with his witty humor will surely be a hit with your event audience! Make YOUR next event an Extraordinary Experience!

Don’t Doubt the Dream!
Hang on to your chair and your heart! For 20 years, Jerry has inspired hundreds of thousands of educators, caring professionals and parents across the world with “Don’t Doubt the Dream!” From the very first note of the very first song, you’ll journey into the challenging and sometimes overwhelming world of a struggling young child, then teen. At times hilarious and at times heart breaking, it’s a journey you will not soon forget. Then, you’re transported directly into the challenging and complex environment of a school, a classroom, a teacher and a student – actually MANY students – facing adversity. First facing. Then embracing. This program is ideal for any audience experiencing Jerry’s training for the first time, and can be custom tailored for lengths of time.

YOUR Custom Made “Come Join Us” Video Tribute
If you want to create an unforgettable SURPRISE moment for YOUR team, leaders and supporters at YOUR next event, work with Jerry to customize his rousing, tribute music video, “Come Join Us,” with 45 images of your people doing their best work. The video will feature your team plus over 50 of Nashville’s best vocalists and musicians. Seriously, let’s keep it a surprise… It’ll be a huge event highlight!This video can be used as a stand alone tribute or as the rousing finale for Jerry’s keynote presentation. View Jerry’s brief overview and watch a sample of how one client used the video to receive more that $500,000 in pledges at a single event.

Creating Positive Outcomes for ALL Students
An ideal follow-up or breakout session when the Don’t Doubt the Dream presentation has been featured.

Teacher, Tell me, WHAT YOU SEE…
Combined Staff Development Training (half or full day).
Jerry’s unique staff development training program, which combines the inspirational message of Don’t Doubt the Dream with the practical strategies training of Creating Positive Outcomes. It’s one of the most comprehensive training experiences available.

The Puzzle of A•B•I•L•I•T•Y
A high-impact concert-style assembly for high school, middle school and upper elementary focusing on the critical issues that face them today. Subjects include bullying, character development, drug and alcohol prevention, peer pressure resistance and overcoming personal adversity. Features Jerry’s acclaimed song, “Why’d We Have to Lose.”

Custom Tailored Keynotes
Programs and inspirational concerts can be custom tailored to fit your audience and event.